Wherever you are in your life, the big question is, “Who do you want to become?”

“Write down the four goals you have for this year. It doesn’t matter that we are in the heat of the summer. The time is now.”

In this email, I’m suggesting that you consider doing a brief journaling exercise which will shed light on your life purpose. I encourage you to go for the ride. Stay open and let yourself go uncensored as you move through these questions.

It helps to take a few belly breaths or practice a brief meditation before getting started as this will help you to to get more grounded and focused.

Journaling exercise #1

What’s missing in your life?
What gifts are you blessed with?
What do you wish to do or create?
What do you hunger for?
What do you love doing?

Every moment, you have the opportunity to choose to go this way or that.

Your life purpose is to take action and break the old patterns and reclaim who you really are.

You’re the CEO or leader of your life. It’s up to you to make your life rich and compelling. Everything can change once you decide to take charge and call the shots, creating the life you always intended for yourself.

There will be problems and barriers—they come with the territory. It’s never easy—in some ways life only gets harder and more complicated—but you can choose to be stronger, more resilient and more resolved about the life that you must have for yourself.

Challenges and loss are inevitable but they also help you to grow and to discover what’s most important.

There’s no more time for settling for the stuff that may be keeping your life mediocre and inauthentic. Now is the best time turn your dreams into realities.

Journaling exercise #2

Take a moment to think and write down four of your strengths or “super powers.” For example, you’re great at connecting with others, you love to facilitate and make things happen, you’re passionate about travel and adventure, you’re loving and compassionate.

Think about how you will bring these qualities more fully into your life starting today.

Brainstorm without judgment or censorship what you are going to do to become more of the person you long to be.

Let your stream of consciousness flow and shape this into a mission statement that describes who you are at your essence and what you are striving for in your life. Craft this into one core sentence over time.

Write down the four goals you have for this year. It doesn’t matter that we are in the heat of the summer. The time is now.

These goals will help guide you. Refer back to them as needed. Know that part of your work as the CEO of your life is to always be actively engaged in personal growth. We can’t keep giving without replenishing ourselves.

As we continue to deepen and expand our potential and give to ourselves we have more to give to others—more space to make a difference for the greater good of all.