Certain reminders or pictures can sometimes go right to the core of an emotional trigger. Every year I get a postcard from our local synagogue reminding me of the day my mother died.

“Quisque eleifend ac magna eu sodales. Sed ullamcorper bibendum lectus sed scelerisque. Quisque non consequat orci. Vivamus eu ex id erat luctus congue ac et libero”

It’s a day that is forever etched in my heart and soul. Yet each year when that postcard arrives it feels raw and fresh once again. The wound from that terrible loss never fully heals. I still sometimes ache to tell my mother about the kids or whatever else is going on in my world.

We all have emotional triggers that remind us of a loss, a disappointment or a betrayal.

Maybe that trigger is a song on the radio, a picture of a dog like the one you had to put down, seeing an ex-lover—or someone who resembles a loved one whose passed in a café.

Then BAM! The pain strikes and that old familiar feeling goes right where it hurts the most until it finally quiets down…

And that’s the point…Regardless of how devastating the loss or the breakup—over time the pain quiets down. The grip releases and we gradually feel greater ease, equilibrium and joy restored.

The good news is that NO intense feeling lasts for long stretches of time. Feelings come and go and our job is to summon the courage to go for the ride.

Learning to be patient, courageous and present when the pain arises helps us to navigate through.

It’s remarkably liberating to know that no matter how painful a feeling or sensation might be that it WILL eventually subside. Equally important is knowing that the only way to move beyond a difficult feeling is going THROUGH the pain.

The work lies in remembering to be self-compassionate, to breathe and to be patient. Then it’s possible to handle ANYTHING!

What emotional trigger cuts to your core and why?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions. I read Every. Last. One!!