Do you really want your life to be different for the better this year? 

Then…the key is to do something different and it starts with YOU!

Maybe you’re craving more love, more abundance, better friendships or relationships with your kids.

“What I know is that each friend matters and adds something unique to our lives. Continuing to nourish these vital relationships for as long as we can makes every day a little better.”

Maybe you’re craving more love, more abundance, better friendships or relationships with your kids.

How to initiate a shift in your life & do something different:

1.  Get clear about what you want. 

This isn’t about making resolutions or hoping and praying for your life to change. It’s about getting specific about what you want to make happen in your life and making a plan.

2.  Make a plan. 

You might find it useful to make one overarching theme for the year and write it down—even if you know you won’t forget.

Now that you know what you want to see happen in your life, create a plan. Whatever your plan consists of, commit to doing something every day to move you closer to creating the relationships, the self-love, the success, and the health you desire.

3.  Keep a journal. 

If you can track it—you can change it!

Record in a journal or on your computer a notation or more about your daily movement towards creating the life you desire.

Remember this isn’t a resolution. We’re going for behavioral shifts that will bring you the life you desire and can create.

They may not all look like fireworks, but they will be cumulative over time.

4.  Create an affirmation that supports the life you wish to realize. 

Write down and repeat to yourself or out loud an affirmation that embodies the shift that you want to make in your life.

Visualize yourself already there. Keep it within the realm of possibility, although feel free to play with the possibilities.

Affirmations are simple, positive statements. They are best when short and memorable.

Continue to add, build and shape your affirmations over time as your needs and desires change. You’ll also find that as you see the results from one affirmation—you might want to move on to putting into play another.

The idea is to build a repertoire of affirmations that will serve you in a variety of ways as needed.

5.  Make space in your life and create time for yourself. 

Making the time for yourself is crucial when you’re creating behavioral shifts. Think about where you might find pockets of time—perhaps you can get up a few minutes earlier, spend less time on social media or watching TV.

Clear away the clutter of your mind and physical space and you’ll begin to see that there are possibilities for more time for YOU to create the life you desire—one baby step at a time.

Think of where you are now in your life. Then consider the possibilities after spending some time every day—even just a few minutes—moving towards a life that would make your heart sing.

6.  Start each day with a five minute morning ritual. 

This is one of the first strategies I teach in my courses and with my clients. Establish your day with clarity and intention.

Do your day with purpose—rather letting your day do you! 

Here’s what I recommend for your five minute morning ritual:

  • Practice belly breathing for 1-2 minutes as soon as you wake up—right after going to the bathroom.
  • Meditate or visualize the day ahead for 2 minutes—breathing in the sweetness of and breathing away the challenges.
  • Create a positive intention for the day regardless of what your day looks like. 

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Wishing you great health and happiness in the coming year!