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Compassion and the Courageous Heart

Do you sometimes wonder if you’re making a difference while living your one beautiful and precious life? It’s time to not only dream and fantasize about the life you want to create fore yourself—but to take action. "When we live with compassion we are willing to face our lives without

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How to Put Together Your Ideal Community

  “What do I do when I don’t have a good, healthy support system?”   "What do I need to do to put a community of good people together into my life?" After my last email about “Who’s got your back?”, I heard from several people

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Do you get emotionally triggered?

Do you get emotionally triggered? It used to be that when I reached out to someone and they didn’t respond in what I considered a reasonable amount of time that I would get emotionally triggered. I would feel hurt, rejected and invisible. Sometimes I sat with these feelings festering inside and other times I

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