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5 Tips for a more Joyful Holiday Season

Here we are again. How did we get to the holiday season so fast?! Many of you are in the throes of getting together with friends and family, shopping and of course some indulging. Others may be struggling with a depletion of time, energy, time and perhaps even emotional availability.

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Ten Keys to Building Better Friendships and Greater Happiness

As women, friendships are essential to well-being. They provide a unique intimacy that differs from the bonds shared with partners or other family members. Research repeatedly shows that women are healthiest, happiest and most resilient when they have good, supportive friendships. "The unique bonds that women establish together often run

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What brings you happiness?

What brings you happiness? It’s so seductive to get caught up in the thinking that once I get married, have this child or grandchild, get this car, eat at this fabulous restaurant, travel to Bali…then I’ll be happy. "As we develop greater inner peace and a more authentic relationship with

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Finding Your Balance: Part One

What fulfills you in your heart of hearts? What is your life purpose? These questions help us focus on the big picture and the vision that we hold for ourselves in life. "When these practices become internalized, they become the backdrop against which we can create our best possible lives.

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Mind Body Green: The 7 Secrets of Happy Couples

Dr. Randy Kamen’s advice for happy couple was featured on MindBodyGreen: Do you notice happy couples around you and wonder how they continue to have fun together year after year? Of course, appearances aren’t everything — and there’s often more to relationships than meets the eye. That said, there are certain couples who have a palpable level

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Are you chasing happiness?

Do you find yourself chasing happiness? I used to believe that once I got my doctoral degree—then I would be happy, when I became a professor then I would be happy, when I bought my condo—then I would be happy, when I got married—then I would be happy, when I had children—then I would

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