Do you find yourself chasing happiness?

I used to believe that once I got my doctoral degree—then I would be happy, when I became a professor then I would be happy, when I bought my condo—then I would be happy, when I got married—then I would be happy, when I had children—then I would be happy…

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While there was truth to all of these life accomplishments, the inherent problem was I was relying upon outside events to make me happy. Even the most wonderful life experiences lose their positive emotional charge over time.

Perhaps you have thought that if you got more recognition or money at work, traveled to more exotic places, got in fabulous shape and had that ideal relationship—then you would be poised to find more lasting happiness.

According to the data, wealth, status, fitness, relationships, often do not translate into the experience of happiness and well-being.

While life circumstances can certainly play a role in happiness, today we know through the work of researchers such as Sonja Lyubomirsky that happiness is in large part a learned skill.

You can actually control your happiness factor largely through the activities you choose to engage in and by the way that you interpret your experiences. In other words, much of your happiness rests upon yourmindset—the way that you perceive moment-to-moment life events.

When you remind yourself about how short life can be, a certain urgency is created to find happiness, laughter and connection. The fastest way to happiness is to help another being in some meaningful way.

Also, practice building your capacity for gratitude in your everyday experiences and you’ll find more joy in what you already have in your life.

How do you start your day? What are your first thoughts as you lay in bed in the morning?

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts. I read them all. Also, if you have any questions I may even write a post about them.

With love,