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Moving Forward through Forgiveness – Part One

“To forgive and forget” is a prevailing idiom in our culture, but for most of us it is hard for us to truly let go and move forward in our lives. When dealing with a conflict, we need to let go of a past hurt, so that we can propel ourselves to a place

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Why self-compassion matters

Today I’m going to be talking about self-compassion and bringing it into all aspects of our lives. What does it mean to truly embrace ourselves as we are? And how can we cultivate this ability? It’s been shown that one of the top regrets of the dying is “the wish to have had the

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What to do when your friend dies…

What happens when you lose a good friend? Good friends are the people that we choose to let in to the inner sanctum. They make our lives sweeter during the good and difficult times. Friends are our supports and reality testers. We rely upon each other knowing that we’re safe to reveal our true

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Are you sometimes mean to yourself?

Are you critical or judgmental with yourself?  You are in good company. While so many of us excel as caretakers in one way or another, when it comes to self-care we often fall short. "Perhaps it helps to think that self-care is NOT selfish; it’s self-preserving and it creates the

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Do you struggle with intimacy?

Jane grew up in a family in which her parents fought constantly. Father was successful, narcissistic and dominating and mother was kind, compassionate but mostly played the role of ‘doormat.’ "Quisque eleifend ac magna eu sodales. Sed ullamcorper bibendum lectus sed scelerisque. Quisque non consequat orci. Vivamus eu ex id

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How’s your relationship working for you?

Does is sometimes feel like life isn’t working for you the way you had always imagined? Sheila, a woman I’ve been working with for several months discovered that her husband had been cheating on her on and off over the years. Only after she discovered his betrayal did she understand why she had felt

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Your Nest is Empty…Now What?

After all of those years of carpooling, extracurricular activities, sports events, trekking to school meetings, assorted lessons and weekly playdates, Michelle’s kiddies were launched. "Quisque eleifend ac magna eu sodales. Sed ullamcorper bibendum lectus sed scelerisque. Quisque non consequat orci. Vivamus eu ex id erat luctus congue ac et libero"

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Happy belated Valentines Day!

Wishing you a beautiful belated Valentine’s Day! Hope you’re feeling love for YOURSELF and from the important people in your life. Do you feel like you’re making the most of your time and savoring these precious years? "Is there a dream you’re putting off because you’re afraid that it’s too

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Does joy elude you????

Do you take courses, listen or watch online programs and buy self-help books and still feel like you are struggling to live these years as you had always hoped? Several months ago I began working with a woman in her mid-fifties I’ll call Veronica. She juggles a powerful job advocating for disadvantaged underserved communities,

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